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Proven & established Speciality Greases for the Sponge Iron industry as a result of sustained R&D and successful field trial. Balmerol entire range of grease has: conventional greases, High temperature greases, Heavy load bearing greases, Long life greases, Speciality greases and much more...

Sleeve Ring Lubrication
Balmerol SC-HT (M) (300 to 500 tpd kilns)

  • Excellent high temperature properties eliminate cake formation and choaking of nozzles
  • Outstanding anti-wear, extreme pressure and water-resistant properties provide efficient lubrication between slip seal mating surfaces
  • Ensures efficient sealing and superior control on heart loss by rstricting hot air leakage / dust emmission
  • Optimum Lubricant usage with direct and indirect cost savings
Balmerol Seall Guard-HT (50 to 100tpd kilns)
  • Premium Grade high Pressure grease based on latest complex soap based thickener system
  • Eliminates cake formation and choaking of nozzles
  • Unique sealing characteristics with excellent high temperature stability
  • Outstanding anti-wear, extreme pressure and water-resistant Properties provide efficient lubrication between seal surfaces
KILN Support Roller Bearing Lubrication Balmerol CCSM - HT
  • Semi synthetic grease with excellent high temperature and load bearing characterstics
  • Eliminates scope of formation abrasive bhild-up at elevated temperatures

Girth Gear/ Pinion Lubrication Balmerol (DRI Lube-O (M) (50 to 350 tpd kilns

  • Formulated with superior anti-wear extreme pressure additive package
  • Superior load bearing ability and excellent lubrication properties
  • High shear stability ensures no direct metal to metal contact between girth gear and pinion teeth mating surface
  • Prolonged Gear/ pinion life and minimal maintenance
  • Reduced lubricant consumption levels ensures cost effective usage
Balmerol Spraylube 'O' HMF (500 tpd kilns)
  • Sprayable grease designed for lubrication of open gears
  • Superior variety of anti-wear, extreme pressure and eco-friendly additive package ensures extended life of open gears subjected to high loads and shock loads, in dusty environment
  • Suitable for dispensing through sensitive sprayable grease dispensing system of cement plants and large capacity Sponge Iron Plants
  • Prolonge gear / pinion life with minimal maintenance