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The Valvoline Company
Valvoline International Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ashland Inc., USA, a corporation listed in the prestigious "Fortune 500" group of companies with an annual turnover in excess of US $ 7.5 billion. The Valvoline brand name is extremely will-known in USA, Europe & Australia.

The Cummins Company
Cummins is a pioneer and leader in diesel engine technology for over 80 years. Cummins today is the world's largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines, which are found in various applications in over 190 countries. Cummins India Ltd. is India's No. 1 diesel manufacturer.

Valvoline Cummins Limited
Valvoline Cummins Limited (VCL) is a 50:50 joint venture between Valvoline International Inc. Usa & Cummins Diesel Sales & Services (India) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins India Limited. VCL is truly a national brand in India with 4 regional offices, three production facilities, over 50 stock points, 500 channel partners & presence in over 10,000 retail stores across the country. VCL also exports to Nepal & Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries.

The product range of VCL includes high quality automotive & industrial lubricants. Such as engine oils, gear oils, cutting oils, greases, transmission oils, gas engine oils.

All these International standard Valvoline products are blended in India as per Valvoine International's formulation & standards.

VCL Highlights Partnership
The first joint venture between a lubricant company-Valvoline & an engine manufacturer - Cummins.

• Technological tie-up with Cummins worldwide.
• Extensive field trials of lubricants in on-highway & off-highway applications in collaboration with Cummins.
• Cummins oils in India meet Cummins Engineering Standards (CES).
• Front-runner in new generation CF-4 engine oils for technologically advanced on-highway and off-highway applications.
• Believes in aiming at futuristic products & has recently launched Premium Blue & All Fleet Premium CG-4.

• First to introduce 200gms. Grease flexi-pack with spout.
• Pioneer in launching plastic buckets for lubricants & greases.
• First to launch matching sump capacity oil buckets (16 lts. TC Genuine).

• First to introduce a special multigrade high TBN engine oil for LDO application.
• Pioneer in introducing metallic colour oil buckets (All Fleet Premium)
• Always looking for innovative ideas to benefit the customer, eg. car care products in sachets, superior performance filters etc.

• Achieved the No.1 position in CNG Green Lube segment.
• Approvals from all leading CNG engine manufacturers.
• Supplier to the world's largest eco-friendly public transport system-Delhi Transport Corporation.

Valvoline Max Life Valvoline All Fleet Gold Valvoline All Fleet Premium
Valvoline TC Genuine Valvoline All Fleet Turbo Valvoline All Fleet Multi
Valvoline Tractor Plus Valvoline All Fleet 40 Valvoline XLD Multi
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