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Belray Food Grade Lubricants

An innovative entrepreneur and chemical engineer, William (Bill) Kiefer started the company in his family's suburban New Jersey garage, specializing in high temperature bakery lubricants.

Bel-Ray's first product was a specialty lubricant manufactured for Nabisco for use in high-temperature bakery ovens. This launched the company's Industrial Division. The company's goal: to provide industrial customers with new, inventive products that offered optimum performance and measurable value.

Bakerylube Food Grade
Oven Chain Lubricant Heavy
No-Tox Food Grade Acid
Resistant Grease
No-Tox Food Grade Air
Line Lubricant
No-Tox Food Grade Arctic
Temperature Grease
No-Tox Food Grade Can
Seamer Lubricant
No-Tox Food Grade
Chain Lubricant
No-Tox Food Grade
Extreme Pressure Grease
No-Tox Food Grade Fire
Resistant Hydraulic Oil
No-Tox Food Grade
High Speed Grease